At the Club’s 25th celebration we received a special presentation from Life Member Darrell "Krackers" Kraehenbuehl. The Kraehenbuehl family donated a large statue to the Club, which has been in their family for many years.

The Kraehenbuehl family used this statue to display their collection of premiership medals by draping them across the Panther.

The Kraehenbuehl family represented both South Adelaide Volleyball Club and South Adelaide Basketball Club in their sporting careers.  

This symbolic gesture was a ritual and meant a great deal to the family whenever a premiership was achieved in their chosen sports. Krackers is a life member of the Club and one of the most passionate members we have ever had.
Below he has outlined the criteria by which the award will be chosen:

This individual award is a players award, chosen by consensus, by the coaches. It is a perpetual trophy for any man, woman, boy or girl who shows the grit, backbone, determination and unwavering fight throughout the whole season. It is not necessarily the best player, but could be if that player shows the necessary characteristics.

The winner of this award must inspire others through his or her bravery and mongrel approach to never giving up.

The Panther Award recipient should also demonstrate these characteristics in a positive team environment, with due respect to their teammates, coaches, officials and opposition.